Sorry You're Lost

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When seventh grader Denny “Donuts” Murphy’s mother dies, he hides his grief in pranks, girls, and classroom rock stardom. Craving a larger distraction, Donuts and his best friend hatch a flabbergasting candy scheme to land dates to an upcoming dance. But dodging teachers, bullies, candy wrappers, and the truth isn’t (entirely) a laughing matter. It’s time to stop playing the fool and find out what more Donuts is made of.
Matt Blackstone’s funny and uplifting novel about friendship, loss, and healing reminds us all that life is good. Except when it’s not. And even then . . . well, as a wise person atop a mountain sipping hot chocolate and eating gourmet candy bars once said, You should read the book. 

Sorry You're Lost


"A painful, funny and realistic picture of a family coming to terms with loss."   
-Kirkus Reviews

"Nothing short of heartbreakingly authentic."  

“Blackstone (A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie) returns with a humorous and graceful novel about seventh-grader Denny Murphy, who is trying to keep it together in the aftermath of his mother’s death. The narrative opens with Denny’s mother’s funeral, where Denny can only focus on the priest’s pathetic speech and his own underperforming deodorant, then picks up several months later, with Denny acting out wildly at school. The title refers to a misspelled note of condolence that Denny receives, but it also accurately reflects his state of being, as he flounders with his withdrawn father and his peers. The novel’s middle-school dynamics are particularly strong, especially Denny’s relationships with his oddball and entrepreneurial best friend Manny—who talks like an aristocrat and cons Denny into selling candy in the halls—and Denny’s crush, the studious Sabrina. Denny and his father’s inability to communicate, despite their shared loss, lends a stark and raw tension that eventually boils to the surface in this poignant account of a boy grappling with a gaping void in his life.”                
    -Publishers Weekly
Sorry You’re Lost is that most rare of books:  it is honest.  Oh, I could go on and on about the amazing voice of Donuts Murphy, and the astonishing cast of characters, and the hilarious plot Donuts embarks upon.  But it is the honesty of the book that stops us short:  Truth #1:  that the world is not fair.  Truth #2: that bad things happen.  And Truth #3: that we must make our way even if Truth #1 and Truth #2 have smacked us in the face.  But this story does not stop with that.  There’s Truth #4, and this is the truth that this novel, with humor and sadness and healing and reality and sweetness, wonderfully proclaims:  that life is flabbergasting.”                           
  -Gary D. Schmidt, two-time Newbury Honor-winning author of The Wednesday Wars and Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

Sorry You’re Lost spins candy straws into gold, delivering an up-close and original look at a boy coming to terms with loss.  Through funny scenes, sad scenes, and candy schemes, from antics and avoidance to awareness and acceptance, readers take the journey with Denny.”           
-Michael Northrop, author of Trapped and Plunked
Sorry You’re Lost is overflowing with emotion, energy and voice.  It’s all at once surprisingly funny, yet sad, uncomfortably open and honest, and ultimately endearing.  It will likely be one of the best books you read this year.”               
-Chris Rylander, author of The Fourth Stall