Recent Events

P.S. 174                           Queens, NY          January 28, 2015

Syosset Public Library   Syosset, NY     November 10, 17, and 24, 2014

Dolphin Bookshop         Port Washington, NY  April 3, 2014

Barnes and Noble          Carle Place, NY April 1, 2014

Shelter Rock Library  Albertson, NY      March 25, 2014

Barnes and Noble   Cherry Hill, NJ     February 19, 2014  

Carusi Middle School Cherry Hill, NJ     February 19, 2014 

Kellman Academy      Cherry Hill, NJ       February 19, 2014

Beck Middle School   Cherry Hill, NJ     February 18, 2014  

Book Revue               Huntington, NY    February 6, 2014 

I LOVE visiting schools, stores, and libraries!  If you’re interested in having me visit, send me an email via the contact link.  Below you’ll find a list of other places I’ve recently been and testimonials from teachers and students about my presentations:
 Book Revue  Huntington, NY                                                Birch Wathen Lenox School  NY, NY

BlueStockings Bookstore  NY, NY                                       Great Neck Library   Great Neck, NY

Words Bookstore Maplewood, NJ                                       PowerHouse Arena  Brooklyn, NY
Dolphin Bookshop  Port Washington, NY                        Barnes & Noble  Carle Place, NY.
Kent Middle School  Kentfield, CA                                      Hall Middle School  Larkspur, CA
Green Apple Books  San Francisco, CA                              San Rafael High School  San Rafael, CA
Barnes & Noble  Corte Madera, CA                          Book Passage  Corte Madera, CA
U Penn Bookstore Philadelphia, PA                                   Beck Middle School  Cherry Hill, NJ
Carusi Middle School  Cherry Hill, NJ                              Barnes & Noble  Cherry Hill, NJ
Cherry Hill East  Cherry Hill, NJ                                         Cherry Hill Public Library Cherry Hill, NJ
Cherry Hill West  Cherry Hill, NJ                                        Glen Cove High School  Glen Cove, NY
J. Taylor Finley M.S.  Huntington, NY                              Arts Books and Culture Festival Cherry Hill, NJ
Shelter Rock Library  Shelter Rock, NY                           Huntington Library  Huntington, NY

Brooklyn Tech H.S  Office of Library Services Conference

“Matt Blackstone offers up an engaging and interactive Keynote presentation on his new book A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie. He introduces his protagonist Rene by reading from his first chapter, which in turn hooks and excites students. Matt continues to reveal gems in his novel at the same time connecting his main character’s stress, anxiety and coping abilities to the lives of the students. Students enjoy participating in his presentation and asking questions about Matt’s writing process. My class walked away feeling a real connection with Matt and eager to read his book.”
-Myra Anderson, teacher, Kent Middle School, Kentfield, CA
“Engaging, gripping, and often quirky…A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE, puts the life of an anxiety ridden fourteen year old boy into perspective.  It isn’t often novels can spark the interest of my reluctant readers.  Matt Blackstone has really found his niche!  Keep the genuine perspectives coming, it’s the real factor that keeps the kids wanting more.”
-Melanie Wyckoff, Language Arts Teacher, Beck Middle School
“I am very happy that Matt Blackstone decided to visit Beck Middle School. His presentation included unique techniques on how he created, A Scary Scene In A Scary Movie. Matt created his characters based off of real life traits from people he knew. In addition, he didn’t only incorporate traits from people he knew, but he also incorporated many traits from himself. I thought this was interesting. Writers block is sometimes a problem for me. He taught us ways to clear our minds when having writers block. Resting and listening to music are to great ideas that I now use. Matt showed us just another great trick for a more successful writing piece.”
-Drew M., Middle School Student
"Matt read us the first paragraph in the first chapter and I was immediately interested. It was a great hook and I could tell my whole class was also enthusiastic about it. Just from Mr. Blackstone reading one paragraph, I wanted the book….there is something about his tone and inflection that made me want to run to the local book store—which, I did!"
-Middle School Student
“On Thursday, November 3, 2011, Matt Blackstone author of A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie came to Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, NJ to discuss his book.  He made a presentation to about 200 6th graders.  The powerpoint presentation touched on the theme of his book which deals with anxiety as it relates to a teenage boy in middle school.  But most of his presentation dealt with the writing process; how students can get seed ideas, how anyone can be a writer, and what to do if you experience writer’s block.  The students loved it and they loved the way that Matt read excerpts from his book.  His enthusiasm and passion for writing came across not only to the students but to the staff as well.  I had one teacher comment that she never thought she could write but after listening to Mr. Blackstone, she felt she should give it a try.  It was awesome.  We are definitely looking forward to his next book and, hopefully, he will come back to Carusi again.”
-Anne Carrel, 6th grade L.A. teacher, Carusi Middle School
“The visit from Matt Blackstone was extremely exciting.  His book sounded really unique and interesting.  I especially loved his visit because of the helpful tips he gave us on writing.  His suggestions really taught me new things about writing.  I can’t wait to read his book.”
Danielle G – 6th grader