Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bookanista Thursday: Bad Taste in Boys

Bad Taste in Boys

It’s no secret that zombies are cool.  Super cool.  Like Justin Bieber.  Blue jeans.  Peanut M & M’s.  And Britney Spears back when she was cool.

But to Kate Grable, a high school biology smartypants, zombies aren’t so cool.  They stink.  Really, they do: their breath smell like rotten beef.

They bite.  They barf.  They take a chunk out of her lip.  They infect her family.  They ruin her school.

And that’s just where the fun starts, as Kate tries to unravel a medicinal mystery and breath life back into a team of beef-smelling, beefy football players.  Aaron Kingsman, quarterback and object of Kate's desires, aligns with her (the consolation prize to the whole zombie thing), as the two of them seek to remedy the sordid situation at their school.

Carrie Harris' BAD TASTE IN BOYS is a compulsively readable story with a host of super cool zombies--sorry, Kate, but they are pretty cool--and a strong supporting cast, including the suave Aaron and Kate's dopey brother.  But the best part, the best part, is Kate's quick witted sarcasm, which starts on page 1, setting a nice balance of comedy and horror.

For summer laughs and chills, reserve your copy today.

Release date: July 12th.


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